Thursday, October 25, 2012

Eyeshield 21 Full Episode

         Eyeshield 21 is an anime that tells the story of Amerikan Football Club which is headed by Hiruma. Hiruma is a quarterback genius but really like the Amerikan Football. but with only 3 person team plus one of them out so in team live Hiruma and Kurita. but now there is a new enrollment of a child that can berlari the speed of light named Sena Kobayakawa. because it finally saw the potential Hiruma forces Sena to be RunningBack of the Devil Bats team.Sena were initially scared and did not want to end it instead to spearhead Team Demon Devil Bats after the fight against Shin of team ojo white Knight. Sena finally decided to join anddream to be able to participate in the Christmas Bowl, held once a year at a great pitch Tokyo. after the entry Sena followed by Raimon Tarou and 3 Haha and other players. Demon Devil Bats finally be one team that is in perhitung right in the tournament.

            How is the continuation of Team Demon Devil bats in order to achieve Chrismast Bowl and against their competitors, especially ojo white knight. and how the story of the fight between the Sena and Shin being rival sena.

    ARC : Team Deimon Devil Bats Berkumpul
    ARC : Deimon Devil Bats Vs Taiyo Spinx
    ARC : Bertemu Suzuna Taki dan Panther
    ARC : Deimon Devil Bats Vs NASA Aliens
    ARC : Devil Bats Di AMERIKA
    ARC : Death March
    ARC : Persiapan Turnamen Tokyo
    ARC : ( Turnamen Tokyo ) Deimon Devil Bats Vs Amino Cyborgs
    ARC : ( Turnamen Tokyo ) Deimon Devil Bats Vs Bando Spider
    ARC : ( Di AMERICA ) Turnamen Cream Puff & Death Climb
    ARC : Death Game
    ARC : ( Turnament Kanto )  Deimon Devil Bats Vs Shinryuji Nagas

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